List of “open access” journals from WPA-L

A list of open access journals on writing and reading pedagogy:
ADE Bulletin’s archives
Composition Studies (book & program reviews only)
Inside Education (unavailable?)
Journal for the Study of Rhetorical Criticism of the New Testament
The JUMP (undergrad only)
Open Words
Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation
Programmatic Perspectives
Working Papers in TESOL and Applied Linguistics
X/changes (undergrad & grad only)

CompFAQs free journal list

Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI):
“We define open access journals as journals that use a funding model that does not charge readers or their institutions for access.”
From the BOAI definition [1] of “open access” we take the right of users to ‘read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles’ as mandatory for a journal to be included in the directory.”
SPARC Open Access Newsletter, #77, “Praising progress, preserving precision.”

Harvard’s 2008 decision for its faculty to publish open access:

With thanks to the WPA-L contributors for the thread on open access writing and pedagogy journals: Cheryl E. Ball, Vicki Byard, Jeff Galin, Richard Haswell, Charlie Lowe, Clancy Ratliff, Lynn Reid  (WPA-L, “open-access rhet/comp journals,” Jul 26, 2010).


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