A note to a student who wondered if taking an honors section of English 1301 was the right call

In response to your worry about whether honors is right for you, I have to ask, how did you do with the Bartholomae reading or what did you think of it?  Also what do you think of our textbook, Writing About Writing?  Do you think that you can read these real research articles about writing in college?  That’s really your call.  Of course, putting in the time and effort to understand these articles, to discuss them in class, and to pursue your own developing research questions about college writing will make you a better reader and writer of academic material.  For the honors class it will be particularly important that you understand the readings and are able to make your own inquiries, supported by me and the class, into the research so that you can write a ten page honors paper and present it to the Honors Council at the end of the semester.  If you aren’t confident in your writing and reading abilities, the honors course could be a great way to work and gain that confidence, or you may want to reconsider, as you seem to be doing, and take a regular English 1301 where the academic reading and research paper are not quite as extensive.


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