English 1301 Class notes 4/8/2013

Class notes on Harris:

Pre-reading quiz in Angel on Penrose and Geisler. Showing how to access Angel. Does the LSC-Online new student orientation need to be taken? Wouldn’t hurt.

Go to http://www.lonestar.edu/lsc-online/

“Before you enroll in an online course, take some time to find out if online learning is right for you by completing our Online Skills Assessment. http://lonestar.readi.info/assessmentpublic.login.”
Login: lscstudent
Password: lonestar

Can you give any examples of what he means, at the end of his essay, by the “everyday struggles and mishaps of the talk of our classrooms…with their mixings of sometimes conflicting and sometimes conjoining beliefs and purposes”?

Journal questions from pages 593-594.

The stories of Williams, Harris, Ramirez, Sylvia, and Ron. Border crossing.

Against Bartholomae: Hybrid communities. Communities in constant transition. There is no one “academic discourse community.”


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