Comment at the new rules of work. This is the future of college

“Experts say that within the next 10 to 15 years, the college experience will become rapidly unbundled. Lecture halls will disappear, the role of the professor will transform, and technology will help make a college education much more attainable than it is today, and much more valuable. Indeed, a number of institutions may shut down. But those that survive will be innovative and efficient. ”

So, as stated at the end of the article, why can’t “society afford to lose the university”? What great purpose does it serve, according to the account offered in this article, beyond job training? And why should the public pay for such job training? Isn’t the free public K-12 education enough tax-payer money? As the article notes with the sterling example of The College for America, employers who want a certain kind of training (critical thinking and communication skills without a liberal arts education), can send people to vocational schools that offer “communication development,” free-form, workshop, in the celebrated “Kindergarten” style. This is all the more so because so many of the key “competencies” that employers want are, as observed in the article, “not learned in school.” Won’t a student learn more critical thinking at a for-profit school, backed by employer money, than would ever be possible in a college or university? Why do we think colleges have anything to do with critical thinking anyway?



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