English 1301


English 1301 Syllabus FULL version (tentative schedule) Updated 1/16/2017


Literacy Narrative Assignment (Updated 1/22/2016)
Informative Synthesis Assignment (Updated 11:48AM 9/30/2015)
– List of topics for the InfoSynth paper
Rhetorical Analysis II Assignment
Researched Argument Assignment
Final Exam essay Assignment


Note: Quizzes are in D2L: Go to LSC-Online to login.

Stanley Fish, “What Should Colleges Teach?
Jonathon Cole, “The Pillaging of America’s Public Universities
John Kugelmass, “Stop Using Rhetoric to Teach Writing.” 

Class notes, Writing and MLA help (be sure to check Purdue’s OWL site)

Literacy Narrative Grading Rubric
How to write a good academic title
Tips for proofreading!
MLA paper template
Help with commas
Prezi presentation on MLA Works Cited
Study habits and learning not to fail
Harry Frankfurt interview on “Bullshit” (Princeton UP)

Class Notes

Notes on Chapter 1 and Douglass
Notes on Argument
Notes on Informative Synthesis (Oct 1 and 6)
Notes on Rich, and on Palmquist, ch. 3
Notes on Kozol and Rhetorical Analysis
Notes on Literacy Narrative rubric
Notes on Alexie, Douglass, Malcolm X, and Scibona–literacy narratives
Notes on Rhetorical Analysis

Burke’s Parlor quote

Rhetorical Analysis pages
Sample Rhetorical Analysis Annotated: A basic rhetorical analysis–not triangulating three writers, but looking at just one.
Purdue’s OWL on Rhetorical Anaysis (very helpful)
Rhetorical Analysis heuristic
Rhetorical Analysis
Rhetorical Analysis on Youtube (Some good stuff!)
The Forest of Rhetoric (great rhetoric resource and glossary)
Keith Grant-Davie class notes
Keith Grant-Davie PowerPoint
A Keith Grant-Davie Prezi
Handout on Keith Grant-Davie’s “Rhetorical Situations….”
Grant-Davie Slideshare presentation
Class notes on Bartholomae Summary
Class notes on Kantz
Class notes on Greene
Class notes on Kleine
Showing care. Peer review notes on research paper.

****  Sample questions drafted by students for the Midterm Exam  ****

Lecture on The Roles of Credibility in Persuasion

Bibliography help
Thesis generator (Having trouble with your thesis statement? Try this site!)

True Grit class notes
Thesis exercises

***Rhetoric and Composition Wikibook***  Every writing student should know about this!

Writing Resources
Wardle and Downs textbook (can be purchased through http://www.efollett.com)
You Are Not Special (Video: You Are Not Special Commencement Speech from Wellesley High School)
Stephen Fry on language evolution, context, and “error”: http://vimeo.com/15412319.
Writing with Authority a commentary
Citing and Interviewing resources
Writing tutors’ schedule at LSC-Tomball
Nice discussion of the research paper process
Rubric for Literacy Narrative

Stephen Booth, Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Bartholomae reading links

David Bartholomae, “Inventing the University” or here
http://firstyearwriting.wikispaces.com/file/view/Inventing+the+University.pdf  Bartholomae’s “Inventing the University”

Synthesis paper

Synthesis peer critique

Tips for writing a synthesis (with pictures!)

A short discussion of synthesis writing

Synthesis grading sheet

Synthesis paper assignment


Sample student summary

Sample synthesis paper 1

Sample synthesis paper 2

Sample synthesis paper 3


English 1301 Syllabus FULL version (tentative schedule) Updated 9/11/2016

English 1301 Syllabus BRIEF version (tentative schedule) Updated 9/6/2016

HUMD Critique letter: Please add your comments to our HUMD letter.

Old syllabi (for consulting purposes only–these are NOT active schedules in any way.)

English 1301 Syllabus (tentative schedule) Updated 3/22/2016

English 1301 Syllabus fall 2015 (tentative schedule) Updated 10/19/2015

Brief Syllabus fall 2014 ENGL 1301

English 1301 Syllabus fall 2014  (tentative schedule, updated 11/12/2014; please check for updates.)

English 1301 Syllabus fall 2014 (tentative schedule)

Brief Syllabus fall 2014 ENGL 1301

English 1301 Syllabus sp2014 (Updated 4/15/2014)

English 1301 Brief Syllabus 2014 spring (Covers first three weeks.)

English 1301 Fall 2013 (Revised 10/26/2013–a reading due date switched)

English 1301 Full Syllabus Fall 2013 (revised 10/21/2013, 7:52PM; point value adjustments to journal and quizzes/annotations/”homework”)

English 1301 Full Syllabus Fall 2013 (revised 10/21/2013)
English 1301 Full Syllabus Fall 2013 (Revised 10/8/2013)

English_1301_syllabus_fall_2011_Piercy  (policies and schedule)  OLD syllabus
english_1301_syllabus_spring_2012_piercy_wdates1 (policies and schedule; may not work in Firefox) OLD syllabus
english_1301_syllabus_fall_2012_piercy_wdates1  Revised after Labor Day, 2012.

Honors section syllabus: English 1301 Honors Fall 2012.  (Revised 11/13/2012)

English 1301 Syllabus Fall 2012 Piercy  (Revised 11/13/2012)
English_1301_Full syllabus_spring_2013sp (Pre-revision for after spring break 2013)

English 1302 Full syllabus spring 2013   (revised 3/28/2013)

English 1301 Full Syllabus spring 2013 (revised 4/4/2013)

English1301 BRIEF syllabus 2013sp
English 1301 Full Syllabus Fall 2013 (revised 8/30/2013)

Old assignments

Literacy Narrative Assignment  (Updated 4:20PM 9/2/2015)

Final Exam Assignment (synthesis)

Summary Assignment, in-class writing for second day

Rhetorical Analysis Assignment (updated with further clarifications and page numbers, 3/31/2014)

Writing with Authority assignment (uploaded 11/13/2012)

Rhetorical Analysis Assignment  (paper two. Fall 2013 due dates added, 10/21/2013)

rhetorical-analysis-assignent2 (revised 10/22/2012)

Auto-ethnography or Writer Self-portrait Assignment  (revised 2/10/2013)

Discourse Community assignment (revised 11/9/2011)

Final Exam

Research Paper Assignment



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