English 1302

English 1302 Syllabus sp2017. (Updated 1/18/2017)

English 1302 Syllabus sp2017a (updated 4/12/2017)

(All papers are to be uploaded to D2L dropbox by the end of the date (11:55PM) they are due. Only .rtf, .pdf, or Word document format are acceptable. No .wps or .pages formats please.) 

Web Site Evaluation Paper (Revised 1/24/2016
Rhetorical Analysis (Updated 2/24/2016)
Rogerian Letter
Argument Essay (Updated 4/10/2016)
Final Exam


Website Evaluation tool
Political Compass test      
Notes on Conservatives/Liberals and charitable giving differences

Paramedic Method for Editing your paper

Christine Farris’s “Where Rhetoric Meets the Road: First-Year Composition” in Enculturation.
Joseph Kugelmass’s “Stop Using Rhetoric to Teach Writing” in Inside Higher Edu.

Sean Zwagerman.Local Examples and Master Narratives: Stanley Fish’s Blog and the Popular Appeal of Current-Traditionalism. College Composition and Communication 66.3 (2015). Skim the intro. Read for how he organizes the commenters on Fish’s blog. What does he say about these commenters’ beliefs about college writing classes?

Stanley Fish, “Devoid of Content” at The New York Times.
Stanley Fish, “What Should Colleges Teach?” at The New York Times. Be sure to check the comments at these Stanley Fish blog articles!
Stanley Fish, “What Should Colleges Teach? Part 2” at The New York Times.
Stanley Fish, “What Should Colleges Teach? Part 3” at The New York Times.

Ryan Skinnell’s “A Problem of Publics and the Curious Case at Texas” (University of North Texas) UNT Digital Library [open access]. This is a long essay that you should give yourself ample time to work through. OR TRY THIS LINK: Ryan Skinnell, “Ryan Skinnel, “A Problem of Publics: The Curious Case At Texas.”

Linda Brodkey’s English 306 syllabus discussed.

Vocabulary Notes to Farris and Zwagerman (Extended notes—-IMPORTANT FOR ARGUMENT ESSAY—–)
Review of Susan Miller’s Textual Carnivals (1991) (Review by Michael Feehan)

Enthymeme definition at BYU’s Sylva Rhetoricae site.
Enthymeme Checklist

Enthymeme class notes (page 135 in Writing Arguments; 3/31/2015)

Enthymeme Extra Credit.

Sample Rogerian Essay  (See other links for Rogerian essays in our D2L course under Content > Activities and Resources)

Outline of Battistoni’s “Alive in the Sunshine” essay.

Rhet Analysis notes (Google doc shared–please provide your initials for comments you add)

Pro/Con Campus Carry sites

The Subjunctive Mood.













OLD Syllabi

English 1302 Syllabus sp2016. (Updated 4/10/2016)

English 1302 syllabus with policies and tentative schedule  Revised 4/10/2014.

syllabus_for_engl_1302_composition_and_rhetoric_ii_sp2012d-2 English 1302 Syllabus (Revised 3/19/2012)

Syllabus ENGL 1302 composition_and_rhetoricbrief_sp2013 Revised 1/24/13

Syllabus ENGL 1302 Complete Policies version sp2013

English 1302 Syllabus sp2013 Revised 2/19/2013

Syllabus_Engl1302sp20131c   Revised 2/26/2013

Syllabus English 1302 sp2013d    Revised 3/19/2013
Syllabus English 1302 sp2013 Revised 3/28/2013


From English 1302 sp2014


Poems for final exam
Jim Hall, “Maybe Dats Your Pwoblem Too
Billy Collins reads “Three Blind Mice

The Windup Girl (class notes)

Research Paper_ENGLISH 1302_sp2014 (updated 3/20/2014)

The City & The City (class notes)

Antikythera mechanism (7:51 video)

“The Storm”  by Kate Chopin

Class notes on “The Storm” (1.21.2014)

H. P. Lovecraft, At the Mountains of Madness

Billy Collins reads two of his poems (Youtube)

Poets for 2013sp

Secret Life of Walter Mitty (background)

Hoffman’s “The Sandman

Hoffman Literary Gothic

Critical Analysis assignment 1

Sample Essay–Things They Carried


Writing Conventions Practice

Point of View Practice

Integrating Quotations Practice

Poetry Terms Practice


From English 1302, sp2012

Midterm for English 1302 Freud and Dora

Group Activity for Dora

Freud documentary (part 1 of 3)

Poetry list 2012 English 1302


english 1302 draft syllabus


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