English 2341

English 2342 syllabus Fall 2016 (updated 11/3/2016)

Class Notes and Resources

A list of common genre features of the Gothic

The Byronic Hero

Notes on “Sir Bertrand, Baldick, and Lovecraft” (8/28/2014)

Typed notes of Baldick_on_Gothic

Chris Baldick’s introduction is available at Amazon in the “Click to Look Inside!” feature. Click the image of the book’s cover, click on the Table of Contents, then go forward four page views until you find the “Introduction.” Chris Baldick, “Introduction,” The Oxford Book of Gothic Tales.

Class notes on Baldick’s introduction and “Sir Bertrand” 9/1/2011

Slideshow on Gothic Literature

“Supernatural Horror in Literature” (Lovecraft)

Supernatural Horror Literature–early Gothic (nice page with discussion and images)

“Bloody Countess”–Bathory–rhetorical analysis notes

Stephen King talks about how he gets inspiration for story ideas (53:04)

Notes on The Dark Descent and “The Reach”

Notes on “Carmilla”

Moments from the Vampire stories  _

Notes on Poe, the Gothic, and Vampires

Class notes on “Andreas Vesalius…,” “Raymond…” (“Lady Eltringham” read for that day too) (9/2/2014)

Vampire the Masquerade murders

“Love Starved” and “Cabin 33” notes

The Dark Knight Returns – class notes

Cambridge Companion to Gothic Literature

Nice page on “keramat”

Neuromancer, Ninsei, and Chiba City: A note.

Matheson’s “Drink My Blood” video: “My Ambition

Notes on Neuromancer

Class notes on Neuromancer

China Miéville

English 2342 research paper (updated 9/15/2015)

Class notes on Angela Carter “Lady of the House of Love” and Joyce Carol Oates’ “The Goat Girl”   –

18th and 19th century American Gothic (a well-produced 28 minute video at American Passages)

Research paper grading rubric

Dunsany’s “Two Bottles of Relish”

Carmilla”  (html copy at Penn State)


Carmilla” BBC radio adaptation, 45 minutes

Carmilla” Librivox audio recording, unabridged! 3 hours and 17 minutes.

Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death”

Hoffman’s “The Sandman”

Literary Gothic page on Hoffman

“The Uncanny” (Freud)

Emile Zola, “The Death of Olivier Becaille” (at Classicreader.com)

Emile Zola, “The Death of Olivier Becaille” (at Online-literature.com)

De Maupassant, “Who Knows?” in two parts (links unreliable)

De Maupassant, “Who Knows?”  Gutenberg copy–includes other De Maupassant stories. “Who Knows?” is story 11.

De Maupassant, “Who Knows?” Audio version! Scroll to bottom of the page. Some nice graphics and write up on the story.

“Mateo Falcone” at Google books with marginal comments

“Mateo Falcone” (printable version)

“La Grande Breteche” (printable version–you have to close an ad and watch a 7 second text ad, then you can print the Scribd file)

“La Grande Breteche” at Horrormasters.com

King Lear Poster, Houston area performance, 9/23-10/9

Petrus Borel, “Andreas Vesalius the Anatomist”

Thomas Hardy, “Barbara of the House of Grebe”

Anon. “The Friar’s Tale”

Anna Laetitia Aikin, “Sir Bertrand”  (the story “Sir Bertrand” is at the end of the study, so scroll to the bottom of the document).

J. Wadham, “Lady Eltringham….” (link broken)
J. Wadham, “Lady Eltringham” (have to register to download pdf)

Sir Raymond, a Fragment
Reading contexts for ‘Raymond‘”

“The Monk of Horror”  Link revised, 9/6/2012

Lovecraft stories audio on Librivox:

Study materials for exams

English 2342 Midterm exam review

Last minute corrections to Midterm study guide   (Please note the elimination of TWO of the options listed on the Midterm Review above.)

practice questions for engl2342

Plot synopses for review

Another set of plot synopses for the midterm

Final Exam Study Guide

English 2342 Story Study Guide for final.



English 2342 syllabus Fall 2015  (updated 8/25/2015)

English 2341 syllabus Fall 2015

English 2342 syllabus 2015 commented 11/172015 “Blood Disease” and the Vampire tale.

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English 2342 Syllabus 2013_b (schedule slightly revised 10/3/2013)

English 2342 Syllabus 2013  (schedule slightly revised 9/3/2013)
English 2342 Syllabus 2013
English 2342 Syllabus

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