Humanities Courses 8th ed.

Humanities online students for HUMA 1301 and 1302:

All exams are online (everything for the course is online–the course is specifically designed that way.)

You can check out the HUMA 1301 course textbook on Google Books at We need Volume 1 for HUMA 1301 and Volume 2 for HUMA 1302:
Culture and Values (8th ed.) by Cunningham and Reich.

Check Google Books for volume 2 if you are taking HUMA 1302 (  The current edition we use is the 8th and all references to D2L for Lone Star College courses should be ignored.

Note well: The current syllabus is at Note: I’ll be making some changes to it but it will give you a good idea of our basic course plan in HUMA 1301 (with only chapter schedule differences for HUMA 1302).

HUMA 1302 materials

Humanities 1302 Fall 2010 course syllabus

Peer and Group Assessment sheet

Publisher website for course textbook Textbook companion about what the humanities do in a digital age.

Art Analysis Assignment

Humanities 1302 Critical Analysis Paper (a B+ paper; too short)

Useful art analysis worksheet from HistoryWorks of Ohio

A worksheet of questions and pointers for analyzing art–make sure you are writing a comprehensive analysis

HUMA 1302 Group project assignment

HUMA 1302 Twitter assignment

Author presentation survey

Midterm material and questions from Facebook discussions