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Hello! Thanks for dropping by. A little about my academic background and interests: I received my BA and MA from the University of California at Berkeley in English with concentrations in communication theory and continental philosophy. My Master’s thesis was on Gregory Bateson and Anthony Wilden. My PhD is from Indiana University Bloomington. My dissertation was on Raymond Williams. I’m interested in alternative epistemologies and rational adversarial traditions, often marginalized for reasons whose truth value is less than what anyone would wish. This site provides a general overview of my teaching and academic interests; please take a look around and send me an email if you have questions or interests that jibe with mine: rhetoric, writing pedagogy, social media, communication theory, and philosophy. img_0821vaninoffice





Contact information

Van A. Piercy, PhD
English Professor
Lone Star College – Tomball
30555 Tomball Parkway
Tomball, TX 77355
Office: S-153J
Office phone: 281.401.1814.
Email: Van.a.piercy@lonestar.edu
Twitter: vpiercy
LinkedIn: vpiercy
Facebook: van.piercy

(All the opinions on these pages are mine and mine alone, and do not necessarily 
reflect the opinions or policy positions of my college or anyone connected to my 

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