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“In service” to-what-exactly week?

Why do we have a week of meetings to fire us up, give us data, help us with our teaching, yet so many people get drained by the meetings, too fried to ever thoroughly pull the institutional data into their course designs?

Ideally there’d just be an all day departmental meeting on Wednesday or Thursday where we did some grade norming and critiqued each others’ syllabuses. That would wake faculty up!

Our CCSSE and AtD data would be boiled down by the President’s office and Deans and emailed to us with points of focus and suggestions.

In the departmental meeting we’d work to integrate those findings into our syllabus critiques, applying those against our established and available teaching methods. I mean, the faculty discussions have to take place at that level. You don’t get consensus and unity of purpose unless you counsel together. We don’t counsel together as much as proposed above and most people don’t have a lot of time to know what to do with the institutional data before they are back slugging away with students, papers, and lesson plans.

I’d like to see us integrate institutional research data with disciplinary expertise somehow.  Those are two countervailing forces that have really stumped me I think; stumped me in their seeming divergence.  I recognize now that they are only artificially kept at distance.